In memory of Tanith Butters

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All Tanith’s family & friends remember her as someone who had so much love to share.

We are far and wide so her fund gives us the focal point to continue sharing that love amongst ourselves.

Our pain and grief is so deep and we all want to try to contribute to find a cure to someday prevent others having to go through what Tanith had to endure and the devastation it caused.

Her fund will always inspire us to find ways to get together and celebrate her memory, none of us can contribute anything in a medical / research sense but we can and will raise money.

A year ago…by Hannah Young
Your last ‘good night’
Only then you knew that you’d take flight…
To somewhere far where you’d be free,
Of any pain or misery
And now you’ve gone we feel pain here
But happy memories keep you near
Dearest Tan we’ll ne’er forget,
Our fond dear friend who we first met…
All the way, way back when
Wish we could do it all again…
It’s so unfair we had to part
Forever alive in our heart

Henry Butters Fund holder



Thinking about you today dear Tan.

All our love
Debra Jonathan Ben and Rosie.


22 February 2019



Thinking about you Tanith

Love Debra


8 December 2018


Happy Birthday I miss you everyday.

T. L. A. To Love Always

Love You Mum xxxxxx


7 December 2018


Whitby150 Bike Ride

29 September 2018

£1,000.00 raised so far

Event details

Justyn Ashford

Tan's Party 2018

6 October 2018

£12,850.00 raised so far

Event details

Glynis Ashford

In memory of Tanith.


7 September 2018

Jean and Derek Edwards

Struggle Moors - the hardest sportive in Yorkshire

8 July 2018

£575.05 raised so far

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Kevin Davison


Thinking about you today Tan

Love Debra and family Xx


22 February 2018



Thinking about you today Tanith
All our love
Debra and family


7 December 2017

Debra Metcalfe