Breast cancer research

Your Fund in Memory stands for something very special. It stands for progress, for a more hopeful future, for a time when no family has to lose someone they love to breast cancer ever again.

The money you raise will help some of the world’s best researchers make the discoveries we need to stop breast cancer and save lives. It will find new treatments, discover the causes of breast cancer and stop the disease from spreading and taking lives.

That’s an amazing thing to be part of, and a truly inspirational legacy to create for your loved one. Their Fund in Memory, and the people it brings together, will help build a world where everyone who faces breast cancer lives.

Our research projects

Right now, our expert scientists are finding new ways to prevent, detect, treat and stop breast cancer. Find out more about the incredible research your Fund in Memory will make possible.

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Our achievements

From pioneering new treatments to unravelling the genetics of breast cancer, our supporters have funded research that’s made incredible progress – and with your support, that progress is only set to continue.

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Only research can stop breast cancer.

Dr Lesley-Ann Martin, Breast Cancer Now Toby Robins Research Centre