Recent bereavement

The loss of a loved one can be extremely difficult to cope with, and there is no ‘right’ or 'normal' way to respond. Bereavement can be a frightening and profoundly distressing experience, but if you’d like some support outside of your family and friends, there are people out there who are trained to help.

The organisations below can offer help, advice or just someone to talk to. Breast Cancer Now doesn’t specialise in supporting people through bereavement and we would always recommend contacting an expert or your GP if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Cruse Bereavement Care

If you need some advice or just want someone to talk to, Cruse Bereavement Care has some really helpful information on bereavement. They also have local support groups and telephone and email support.


The NHS website has some useful information on bereavement. You can also use their search function to look for any support services near you.

Mum was an amazing woman. The morning she died, my sister and I said that we wanted to do something every year to celebrate her life and have a day to bring our family and friends together. We set up a fund to show that mum will never ever be out of our thoughts.

Shelley Dobson