In memory of Stephanie Fisk

1972 - 2009

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Stephanie had many qualities, and she meant so much to so many people, especially her 2 children Abigail and Ben and her sister Tanya. She was an amazing woman, she could walk into a room, look at you with her bright sparkling blue eyes and have you feeling like she had sprinkled glitter all over you, making you feel good, even on a bad day. She is the only one I know who could do that, and that is just one of the many reasons I miss her. We met when we were just 11 years old and when we were growing up we had some really good times and we became very good friends and I am grateful that that friendship carried on into adulthood. She was such a character and so full of fun and enthusiasm for life. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004 and underwent a double mastectomy, chemotherapy and then reconstructive surgery, and I have to say, she loved to show off her new boobs at any given chance! Steph beat the cancer and made a full recovery, it was a hard road but one she walked with great strength and courage, even doing the Great North Run herself to raise money for Breast Cancer. Sadly, in April 2008, Steph was told that she had a growth on one of her lungs, it was cancer, but the hope was that they could operate. Unfortunately, within weeks it was discovered that it had spread to her brain, and from there to other places. As she went through yet more treatment, chemo, radio, and numerous hospital visits she stayed so very strong and battled through once again. By the end of 2008, and what would be her final Christmas with her husband Andy and her 2 children, Steph was in hospital but thankfully was able to go home for Christmas.....In January 2009, Steph went into the Marie Curie hospice in Newcastle, where we visited her everyday. She still kept her sense of humour, still telling us she was comimg home, and INSTRUCTING me to send all of her friends on Facebook a message to say when she got home she was having a BIG NIGHT OUT in her hotpants! We watched her carry on fighting, with her 2 children there each day after school, and we did continue to have some good laughs with her, she kept us all going, but sadly after less than a month in the hospice, at a little after 1am, on Friday 13th February, with her sister Tanya by her side, Steph was taken by the angels. The hardest part of having to leave, for Steph, was leaving her two beautiful children Abigail & Ben and her younger sister Tanya. All that mattered to Steph, was family, friends & Love, material things weren’t important. Steph was an inspiration to us all, and myself, Tanya and her other 2 best Friends Pam Cheek and Jane Stewart were left devasted by her loss, and I feel honored to have been part of her life. I love Stephanie, she will be with me always, she has left footprints on my heart and soul that will never fade with time and my memories with her will be cherished forever. I think of Steph all the time, when I’m buying shoes or some new clothes, SHE ALWAYS SAID I HAD TOO MANY SHOES!....when I walk in a park or have a drink with friends “I think of Steph”. When I look at my Son Curt , who she was very fond of , asleep in bed, I think of Steph and the fact that she is not there to say goodnight to her children....every time I’m given a birthday card, and every time I wear my hotpants, I know Steph is there doing the splits. Nothing can take away the pain we feel at the loss of such a beautiful lady, and no one can replace the hole she has left in our lives but I like to think that setting up this tribute page and raisning money in her memory will help others.

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Fantastic Party for my close friends in memory of You Beautiful Lady...we had a raffle and rasied £134 between us!


28 April 2014

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xxxx <3 xxxx


9 April 2014


A lovely message made me cry. An extemely worthy cause. No one should suffer this disease its just horrible. Xx


21 March 2014


Touching words Michelle love and thoughts to you and Steph's family xxx


20 March 2014

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20 March 2014

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