In memory of Ros Condon

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24/12/1948 - 24/09/2003

My Mum was the most fun, warm and kind-hearted person you could meet and I was lucky enough to have her in my life for 19 years. She was and still is very loved by us all and is so missed everyday.
I have managed to bully and guilt 20+ willing victims into taking part in a gruelling mud obstacle run with me on 16th May this year. I've set up this page to collect the sponsorship money we raise in her memory.
Thank you in advance for your donation to such a great charity.
Wish us luck.


Suzanne Condon Fund holder


Your donations have helped research make great progress over the last year and we're looking back on some of the headlines from 2016. Thank you for all your incredible support - read more about the research you've made possible at

We have all rather foolhardly decided to embark upon a 10mile assault course complete with obstacles copied from programs such as Ninja warrior, Takeshi's castle and Total wipeout. We will film our adventure with a Go-pro for all of your amusement and hopefully you will have a chuckle at our trials and tribulations. Scarily it is predicted that by 2020 nearly half of the UK population will suffer some form of cancer during their lifetime. So funding to further cancer research and improve cancer care is becoming ever more important. Sadly all of us will know the devestating effects cancer can have upon our lives and we are running this challenge in memory of a friends mother who tragically passed away after her own personal battle. However we also wish to honour other friends and family who have also battled cancer and we hope all funds raised can help others in the future


20 May 2015

Alex, Olly and Toms

Our lovely friend Suzy has inspired us to raise money for charity in the name of her wonderful mother whom sadly we didn't have the chance to meet. I wish we did, she sounds fantastic. When she passed away the family set up a trust in her name with funds going to charities they felt made a real difference, the frontline troops as Rosaleen put it. Therefore, we are running for Breast Cancer Care which funds projects that give support to women who are just trying to live. If asked whether me, Soph and Grazza would like to go for a muddy run where we can wrestle people and pretend we're gladiators on the travelator, we would prob jump at the opportunity but that shouldn't be a reason to not sponsor us. Instead, just celebrate all that we enjoy and help us raise some money in the process. Many many thanks.


20 May 2015

Fletch, Soph and Grazza

On the 16th of May this year I'll be taking part in an event in Oxfordshire called Rough Runner to raise money for Breast Cancer Care. The event has been described as "a new breed of sports event that merges distance running and obstacles that you'll have to take on along the way". The event explains that these are not just the 'regular' obstacles you'll see at every other event out there, they are "designed to give those taking part a uniquely physical challenge of skill and endurance".


23 April 2015

Daniel Biagioni

So, I'm fundraising again, and this time it's for Breast Cancer Care, in memory of my good friend Suzy's mum, Rosaleen Condon. Alongside lots of friends running for the same good cause, we will be taking part in this years Rough Runner. (think running, mud and obstacles) Training has begun, but my biggest fear is how clumsy I am and my ability to normally injure myself on this type of thing. We have all agreed to take part in this event, to raise as much money as possible for Breast Cancer Care. Below is a message from Suzy, about her mum and cancer. Cancer affects everyone, so please donate and fingers crossed for no broken bones or damaged limbs! xxxxxx


23 April 2015

Clair Sammons

I was asked by my good friend Suzy to help raise some money in memory of her mum who died from cancer. I was more than happy to help and have now got myself signed up for a 10km mud run called Rough Runner, its going to be far from fun so please sponsor me for my pain :p


23 April 2015

Patrick Kirchner

Raised doing Rough Runner Challenge


23 April 2015

Kamil Simpson

If you know me well, you will be well aware of my aversion to physical activity! But here is my pal Suzie's story and why I am putting myself through this awful idea of running *cough* 5k through mud and obstacles... "I've organised a whole bunch of us to do this and all the money is going to Breast Cancer Care in memory of my wonderful Mum who I love and miss so very much. She died when I was 19 and had been battling cancer since before my living memory. Anything good that I am is pretty much because she was my mother. I was incredibly lucky to have her."


23 April 2015

Seren Olcan and James

Our effervescent and whacky friend, Suzy, unfortunately lost her mother to Cancer in 2003 and has asked me to raise money for Breast Cancer Care in her memory. Among other great things Breast Cancer Care provide quality information and offer emotional and practical support to those affected by the disease. The Rough Runner ( is a 10K run with all sorts of obstacles such as mud, water , more mud and anything you might see on a '90s TV gameshow. We' ll be taking part on 16th May 2015.


23 April 2015

Ashley Kamoto