In memory of Richard Stackhouse

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Richard was a doctor in Devon who dedicated his life to the wellbeing of others. He had a particular interest in breast cancer, working in The Breast Care Unit at Torbay Hospital right up to his untimely and sudden death in March 2015. He also set up Family History Clinics.

As a person he was warm, caring and considerate – a real gentleman, but beneath this charm was an unstoppable determination. He was a great supporter of charities and partook of many endeavours to raise funds – no scheme was too far-fetched for him to enthuse about. A great adventurer, he also spent periods in Nepal lecturing medical students and becoming involved in the work of a hospital in Kathmandu, as well as sponsoring a child in Indonesia.

He has been a superb inspiration to all of his friends, colleagues and family, and memories of him will endure. Knight in shining armour, Richard your life has enriched us all. Snatched away so suddenly, we miss you dreadfully but will always be grateful for the love, hope, boundless enthusiasm, and above all fun that you brought to our lives.

Because of his work in Breast Cancer we feel that a Breakthrough Tribute Fund in his memory is altogether appropriate. Giving a small donation to this page will help other doctors to give their patients and families better lives. All donations greatly appreciated.

Mary Ann Thapa Fund holder


This is dedicated to my sister, Lis, Richard’s wife, who is determinedly reconstructing her life. I am more proud of her than I can say. Richard, we think of you so often but especially at Christmas.


23 December 2016

Mary Ann Thapa (and family)

Your donations have helped research make great progress over the last year and we're looking back on some of the headlines from 2016. Thank you for all your incredible support - read more about the research you've made possible at

A small donation in memory of a big personality who we miss dearly. Raised from an Open House in Exeter with family and friends on 1st April 2016.


20 April 2016

Mrs Pamela Gardner

Richard, it is a year on now but we still miss you so much.


10 April 2016

Mrs Mary Ann Thapa

In memory of a lovely man and friend.
Colin and Ro Clarkson


6 May 2015

Mrs Rosina Jean Clarkson

What a lovely memorial service last week. I was so pleased I could be there to remember Richard and celebrate his life. It was a wonderful reminder of what an amazing man he was. With love and best wishes to all the family. Lots of love, katrina


24 April 2015

Ms Katrina Clarkson