In memory of Michelle Faustmann Soumier

1983 - 2018

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My wife, Michelle Faustmann Soumier, mother of our young daughter passed away in January 2018, after bravely battling "triple negative" breast cancer. As devastating as this has been, we need to remember Michelle as the truly inspirational and beautiful person she was. We need to cherish the legacy she left us with rather than being sad for the unfinished story we were planning on writing together, as a family. This would have been her wish.

Through her 34 years on this planet, she has been a very inspirational woman to many. I have never met someone who loved life as much as Michelle, even when times were difficult. She always had a smile on her face, as she was truly appreciative of any little joy life could bring. She had close ties with many countries around the world, and embraced very well these different cultures. She was a successful solicitor who loved travelling, discovering new cultures, local cuisine, cooking, socializing with her friends, dancing, etc. She loved life and shared that with everyone.

Since Michelle had been diagnosed, she felt it was her duty to share her journey with the world. She wanted to show others in the same or similar situation that life can still be lived to the fullest no matter what has been taken away, that challenges can only be overcome with sheer determination, to never give up because life is worth fighting for.

Through this difficult journey, her greatest inspiration has been our daughter, who was a year old at the time when Michelle left us. Our little Margaux is now, in many ways, already like her Mum. Michelle was an amazing mother and she will live through our little angel. I already know that like her Mum, our daughter will be very special and Margaux will get to know the bright light her Mum was. Now Michelle still shines, as the new star she became in the sky.

In Memory of Michelle, we created this fund, a cause very close to her heart, to keep the fight she had to stop. We need to find a cure to help those who are still on this journey.

Life is worth fighting for !

Guillaume Soumier Fund holder


With love from all your friends and family in the Philippines


16 June 2020

Jenny Paradies


13 January 2020


Although you could not be in person to celebrate our special day, we know you were there in spirit. We miss you every day. Thank you to all our friends and family who donated to this special cause so close to our hearts, Love RoDa


15 November 2019

Christine Searle


22 October 2019


Sending my best to you + sweet little Margaux!


21 October 2019


The words that your husband Guillaume has put together about you is truely very touching which shows what a remarkable lady you were



20 October 2019

Errol Taylor


19 October 2019


It’s an important cause and a battle to win.


18 October 2019

Alex D'Andrea

All our love.


18 October 2019

Mariella & Frederic