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Welcome to Maureen Beath's Tribute Fund. The fund got off to an excellent start with over £1000 donated from Maureen's Celebration of Life Ceremony on 24th July, 2007. Billy, Aimee and Annez have created this page to help raise money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Please consider making an online donation or if you prefer you can help us raise money for this Tribute Fund by creating an online sponsorship page to mark a special event or occasion.

All money raised on these pages will be marked as being donations made via Maureen's Tribute Fund when they reach Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Simply choose one of the links above to see what you can do.

It would be great if you could also take some time to sign the guest book and tell other people about this service in order to further promote fund raising efforts for this truly worthy cause.

We have specifically chosen Breakthrough Breast Cancer because of its particular complexities and the overbearing impact on women, whilst recognising that men too are victims of this disease.

Billy, Aimee and Annez thank you for your support.

Billy Beath Fund holder


Your donations have helped research make great progress over the last year and we're looking back on some of the headlines from 2016. Thank you for all your incredible support - read more about the research you've made possible at

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9 January 2012

Aimee Beath

Dear Guests
A donation has been made on your behalf to Breakthrough Breast Cancer to celebrate our marriage. As you will know, this is a cause very close to our hearts.

Dear Mum & Little Mo
You will be sorely missed by us and many others on our wedding day - 22.10.10.
Thinking of you always.
With love, Aimee & Gary xx


27 July 2010

Aimee Beath & Gary Denholm

Hi there, i am exremely sorry to hear of your loss. i know she was loved very much by you all. this site looks amazing and you are all doing a great job, im sure she is very proud.

10 July 2010

Gary Grant


6 July 2009

Mr beatrice milne

£10.00 donated for your birthday Mum x x x


21 February 2009

Miss Aimee Beath


27 November 2008

Mr Martin Alan Bence

Donation received from Billy Beath


11 August 2008

Offline donations

Thinking of you always but more so today on my birthday. Wish you were here. Love you x x x

9 June 2008

Aimee x