In memory of Liz Welch

1960 - 2017

So far we have raised


Liz had many talents and attributes. She was a gifted artist, a loving mother and wife. and a lynchpin of the family. She wrote an amazing piece about dying that should help anyone else in the same situation. It is on her blog; called "All good things must come to an end". She was positive about everything she did, including dying. She wanted very much that her death might do some good for others and perhaps stop other women facing their own mortality from this cruel disease. This charity was her choice, So, if you cared about her, or love her like I do, Please donate as generously as you can. Thank you. Bobbie

Bobbie Watchorn Fund holder


Workshop on Xmas decorations for the Black Dog Arts Society. Great fun was had by all! You would have loved it Sis!!


1 December 2018


Further donations from another small part of Liz's treasure trove-thanks to Viv and her workshop participants .


29 November 2018


Today, more than a year after my lovely sister died, I still miss her terribly. However, every bit of fundraising will help to ensure that others don't need to go through the grief of loosing someone special


26 November 2018


Liz's treasures of craft items have been sold at many different places including West Bridgford Branch of the Embroiderers' Guild and East Midlands Region, the Braiding Group at Ashby Magna, Origami Group at Wentworth, Lichfield and Long Buckby Knitting Clubs, Lace Society and other friends. More sales at different venues are planned. Thank you to all who have made a donation and I hope the special something that you found will keep Liz in memory.


2 October 2018

Erica Thomson

Donations from the sale of postcards- a Nolitex group project which Liz instigated and took part in. We all participated by completing half a postcard in our chosen media then passed on to each member to complete, resulting in a wonderful collection of artwork. 20 were chosen (from nearly a 100)to be printed and were sold at our exhibition venues. We all have our own postcards, completed by Liz, to remember her by.


3 September 2018


We shared many memories of Liz with members of the Embroiderers'Guild from the East Midlands Region at the Regional Day on Sunday. We displayed her masks and had a very large table to sell more of her craft materials and books. We raised an amazing total on the day with still more to come. Includes sales of books from generous members at her West Bridgford Branch.


15 May 2018

Erica Thomson

Donations from sales of another small part of Liz's wonderful treasure trove of materials.
From her friends at West Bridgford Embroiderers' Guild, members of Ashby Magna Braiding Group, Scrappy Patches, visitors at Nottingham Machine Knitting Show and other friends. There will be more to follow in the near future.


1 May 2018

Erica Thomson

With love from everyone at Polymania UK 2018


23 March 2018

Polymania UK 2018

Donations from sales of a small part of Liz's wonderful treasure trove of materials- from her friends at Nolitex and be continued


22 March 2018