In memory of Laura Painter

1978 - 2016

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Laura was an amazing wife and mother who meant so much to so many people. Laura was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 and endured this horrible disease with dignity and grace until she died in December 2016.

Laura was passionate about helping other people with secondary breast cancer. Secondary breast cancer is an incurable illness that has spread to other parts of the body and devastates the lives of many young families. There is little awareness of the disease and it’s distinction with primary breast cancer, which has potential for cure. Please help us to change this.

John Painter Fund holder


50 for Laura

11 September 2021

£625.00 raised so far

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Ayala Wilkinson

Never forgotten xxx


4 May 2021



25 February 2021


Thinking of you and all your gorgeous family xx


25 February 2021

Helen, Piers, Heidi and Lucy xx

With all our love xx


19 February 2021

Mum and Dad

My brother and I are giving 9 pounds to our Mum's charity because of her breast cancer and because we are getting quite a lot of pocket-money and we wanted to give it to her charity

signed Sienna


19 December 2020


Celebrating wonderful mums and sons


15 October 2020

Mike and Ayala

In support of Mum and Dad for completing one of their two 25km walks this year - doing it virtually as their planned event was cancelled. Lovely way to remember our Laura.


16 April 2020


Remembering you on your birthday, and always. Xx


25 February 2020

Piers, Helen, Heidi and Lucy xx