In memory of Laraine Allen

1956 - 2016

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Laraine was a beautiful woman on both the inside and out. She was great fun, funny, generous, loving, caring and the most brilliant wife to me and mum to Christian and Kirsty. Laraine possessed great integrity and charm and touched so many peoples lives and they all loved her for that, and also her spirit and occasional feistiness.

Laraine was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer in June 2015 and went through chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy. In 2016 we went on a family holiday to La Manga in Spain and had a fantastic time and then in July enjoyed our joint 60th birthday party.

In September our daughter Kirsty got married at Hampton Court House and Laraine looked stunning and had such a brilliant time. However a few weeks later having been told in August that the breast cancer had spread to her lungs, Laraine struggled with her health and having fought so bravely over the past 18 months, so very sadly died on 17th November 2016.

We miss her so much, her laughter, her strength, her courage and want to ensure she leaves a legacy so that her struggle and fight against this dreadful disease was not in vain. We hope by setting up this memory fund we can raise money to help with the vital research into less treatable forms of breast cancer. We owe this to Laraine and the many thousands of women who are going through this journey now.
Love from your husband Derek xxxx

Derek Allen Fund holder


4 years ago we lost you Laraine. I've been playing our favourite songs which I know you loved.
You're forever in my, Christian and Kirsty's thoughts and we so cherish the many good times we had together as a family.
These are difficult times but we try and make the most of what we have and be kind, because we know in the blink of an eye it can go xxx💕


21 November 2020

Derek Allen

We never knew that our joint 60th birthday would be our last together. Life can be cruel but I cherish our lovely memories and family time that will stay with me, Christian and Kirsty forever. We miss you so much but know you would be proud of how we are doing. Thinking of you Laraine especially today on your birthday. Love Derek xxx


31 August 2020


Hunny - it would have been our 41st wedding anniversary on the 21st April - This lockdown is tough but I'm lucky to be here to tell the story. It still seems so unfair that you are not here with us but you made it count with your love, generosity and kindness when you were. Always in our hearts Laraine 💕💕xxx


5 May 2020

Derek Allen

It's the 4th Christmas and New Year without you Laraine. Time at first moved slowly but now it seems so quick. Christian and Kirsty missed you so much but we had good party games and were both happy and sad when we remembered the lovely times and fun we had as a family. Christmas was always such a special time for us as a family.
I'm doing quite well now and I know you would be proud of our kids (and me) who are totally a credit to how you (especially you) and I brought them up.
I know my donations help BCN a little in their crucial work to rid the world of breast cancer.
All my love - Derek xxx

Love this photo of you and Jimmy Doherty at Jimmy's farm


9 January 2020

Derek Allen

Can’t believe it’s been 3 years! Forever in our thoughts Mum and hope you would be proud of how we’re all doing! Miss you always, love you lots xxx


20 November 2019


I think of you every single day mum and we all miss you so much but we talk about you and tell stories and you are still making us laugh and smile and always will.
I hope you can see how we are doing and that we are looking after each other like I know you would want us to.
Love you mum - Dolly xxx


18 November 2019

Kirsty Allen

3 years ago today we lost Laraine, a beautiful, kind and generous lady. My wife, a mum, sister and auntie. She is missed by so many who knew and loved her but her legacy is through our children Christian and Kirsty and those very special memories we shared.
Forever Derek xxx


17 November 2019

Derek Allen

Remembering a beautiful sister loved and missed every day, John and Chris 💕xxJohn


17 November 2019

John Rouse

Miss you always mum, think about you everyday xx


15 September 2019