In memory of Julie McCarthy

1959 - 2007

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This fund is in memory of a beautiful, caring and loving woman and mother who sadly passed away on 27th December 2007 just before her 49th birthday. Julie was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1997 and bravely endured 11 years of various treatments before finally losing her battle to this terrible disease. She is greatly missed by her family and friends.

To honour her memory this fund is to raise money for the charity she supported. As a nurse, midwife and wonderful mother to her children, Julie's fund is to help others through supporting breakthrough's fight against breast cancer.

On 4th October 2013 Julie’s mother Patricia Colwell passed away after a short illness. Pat was much loved and is greatly missed by her family and friends. It is fitting now they are together that the tribute fund is also shared.

Thank you to all those who have raised money for the fund.

Dennis McCarthy Fund holder



Remembering your birthday.


15 January 2018

Dennis McCarthy

This donation is from Richard, Ruth, Laura and Dennis. Ten years have passed but our love for Julie is undiminished. Julie's legacy lives on as she would have wanted. Nothing can replace her.


27 December 2017

Dennis McCarthy

10 years and we still miss her every day! Her memory lives on in her wonderful son, daughters and grandchildren. She would be so proud of them all, just as they are of her.


27 December 2017

Amanda and Mark

With love from Auntie Kate


28 October 2017

Kate Stickland

Your donations have helped research make great progress over the last year and we're looking back on some of the headlines from 2016. Thank you for all your incredible support - read more about the research you've made possible at

Thinking of you as our daughters Ruth and Laura have their birthdays this month


7 July 2016


Kate Stickland in memory of Julie


9 October 2015

Mrs Kate Stickland


The 7th year goes by and you are always in my thoughts.


27 December 2014

Mr Dennis McCarthy

For Julie and Mum, always in my heart and thoughts. Love Amanda and Mark


26 November 2013

Mrs Amanda Richardson