In memory of Judy Gonella

1936 - 2020

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Our Mum first fought and won the battle against breast cancer in 1999, sadly it returned in 2020 as secondary breast cancer and she was unable to win this struggle at age 83.

After beating the disease, the first time, she made sure that each day after she was out and active. She lived a full and happy life, working until she was 70, caring for her children and grandchildren and she loved being in her garden. Up until the end she went to her clubs, met new and old friends for lunch and loved each and every one of her close and extended family. She was a kind and caring woman who was always happy to help, and she would want to make a difference to the lives of other women who find themselves with this cruel disease to fight.

Any contribution you can make will help in the struggle to find a cure for this modern-day plague and to help care for those who find themselves facing it. Thank you Andrew and Debbie

Debra Stevenson Fund holder


Judy there is not much else to say really because Father Micheal said it all when he called you a legend because that is who you are and who you were and it will be the way that I will always remember you, a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day 🌅🌼🐾 xx


30 May 2020

karen Gonella

Happy memories of a kind lady who was always so positive. Her energy was amazing - we still see her running up and down Deb's garden with our dining room chairs!


26 May 2020

Laura Curtis

Lots of fond memories. Much love, thinking of you all at this time. From Paul, Sam, Holly and Abbie. Xxxx


19 May 2020

Paul Mason

We were lucky to have such a great neighbour. Judy was a lovely lady and will be greatly missed.


18 May 2020

Bill & Elsie

So many happy times and lovely memories. Always in our hearts.

Sue &Barry


17 May 2020

Sue & Barry

Many great memories Micky and Stephen


17 May 2020

Micky & Eva, Stephen & Sandra

Such a special & lovely lady. Rest in peace Judy. ❤️❤️


14 May 2020


Forever in our hearts
Anthony,Tilly and Elsie xxxx


12 May 2020


With love and fond memories. Always in our hearts.
Love Linda and Bob xx


10 May 2020

Linda Mason