In memory of Joanne Taylor

1980 - 2017

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Remembering Joanne, who was incredibly brave and stoic, in her fight against Breast Cancer.

Maryan Nussey Fund holder


It's Jo's time again, that Birthday day,
The 17th July, and what can we say,
So many memories for us all to recall,
And those that should have been , but are not at all.
But lets not be maudlin on this Special Day,
Lets remember the fun times, the good times, the sunny times,
That all make up the LIFE of Dear JO


28 July 2022

Jo's Mum

Pleased to support our chosen charity for Memories of Joanne


20 January 2022

Sue and Dave Smith, and families

Four Years, since we had our 'Memories of Jo' Service. Still SO very present with us all. Such a very special person who has left us with wonderful memories from her 37 years of life, as well as the ever present great pain of loss. May the cure for Breast Cancer grow ever nearer.


12 January 2022

Jo's Mum

Tomorrow it would have been Joanne's 41st Birthday. We are going on a walk as we always do for her birthday, and remember all the happy times we all had together over the 37 years of her amazing life. a truly very special daughter.


16 July 2021


Yesterday 22nd December was 3 years since my very special daughter died of Breast Cancer aged just 37. It seems just like yesterday. She lived life very much to the full, but had so much more to give. May we have a cure for this horrendous disease before too much longer so that others may live life to the full for longer.


23 December 2020

'Jo's Mum' Judy

Wear it Pink Day! Always remembered , My most amazing daughter ,Jo
photo with her older sister Sarah, another amazing daughter!


23 October 2020

'Jo's Mum' Judy

Yesterday would have been Jo's 40th Birthday. I hope this money helps others suffering from breast cancer reach their 40th Birthday and beyond.


18 July 2020

'Jo's Mum' Judy

This is money I have raised over the last year selling my hand made photographic cards for BCN
My lovely daughter Jo is always in my thoughts, and always will be.
May progress on better treatment continue, until this awful disease is history
'In the Time of Love we are Together'


10 March 2020

'Jo's Mum' Judy

For 'Auntie Liz's'Strawberry Tea held on 14th July 2018 in memory of my lovely daughter Jo


14 July 2018

Judith Taylor