In memory of Joanne Laffey

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When our beautiful Jo died on Saturday 16th November a light went out in our lives but a new star now shines brighter than ever in the sky.

Jo was a cherished daughter, a supportive sister and the most wonderful of friends. Our hearts may be aching now but we are all blessed to have had her in our lives.

At 43, Jo was taken from us by breast cancer far too early but she never gave up. She fought till the end and lived every moment of her life to the full. She seized every minute, she lived every moment and she created memories that will last us a lifetime.

Breast cancer continues to take away the ones we love the most. But Jo believed there was hope and so we must do the same. Help us create a legacy she would be proud of by donating on her page so Breakthrough Breast Cancer can stop women dying of breast cancer.

Also, please share a memory that made Jo so special to you.

Thank you from her family & friends

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Your donations have helped research make great progress over the last year and we're looking back on some of the headlines from 2016. Thank you for all your incredible support - read more about the research you've made possible at

A very belated but heartfelt goodbye to a special lady.
Jo was instrumental in the growth of our organisations, her support and assistance will be cherished and we'll never forget her contribution to the PCI industry in EU. Thank-You Jo and in memory, we'll raise a glass to you tonight and reminisce around those early days!
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31 March 2014

Mr Andrew Henwood

In memory of Jo from Visa.


19 December 2013


Juliet x


2 December 2013

Mrs Juliet Basterfield


29 November 2013

Mrs Sarah Moss



28 November 2013

Mrs Lynda Lenaghan

To my precious cousin JoJo

you will remain forever in our hearts

Love Jacqueline, Stephen & Jordi



28 November 2013

Mrs jacqueline davies

Fund Update

The weather forecast had said cloud and grey skies but Jo had other ideas of course and the sun shone brightly on a chilly but beautiful November morning on Monday. The funeral and celebration of her life that followed only goes to show how loved Jo was with so many friends and family they could just fit in the chapel.

it was really hard to say goodbye to someone who has been in our lives for so long and who still so young. But we toasted her life (quite a lot!) and shared her memories which I'm sure helped us all in some small way to say our own 'goodbyes'.

Thank you to everyone who donated on the day - I have added your donations to this page. Thanks also to everyone who has visited her page so far. Please continue to share your memories and this page will forever be a tribute to our beautiful Jo.

27 November 2013

Nas MORLEY Fund Holder

Joanne I will cherish your memories for ever, I'll miss you love Karen (cousin) xox


27 November 2013

Mrs Nas Morley