In memory of Jane Griffin

1957 - 2015

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Mum was first diagnosed with Breast cancer in 2012. Although she was ill she became the full time carer my 2 year old nephew who has lots of issues and medical complications. Through out her mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy she never complained and always put my nephews needs first. Even in her lowest moments she also had a smile for her grandchildren and phoned each of her children every morning to see how we were and wish us a good day. After a tough year Mum had the all clear. Osteoporosis had been caused by the treatment but a small price to pay as far as my mum was concerned. Over the next 18 months she threw herself into getting everything sorted out for my nephew, specialist school, support from outside agencies, medical treatments. Once this was done she took a breath and thought of herself and decided she needed a holiday!! We all booked to go to Menorca in July 2015, sadly Mum never made it.
March 30th this year mum lent on the car to support herself and fractured her shoulder. After a trip to A and E she was referred to a fracture clinic who referred for an MRI scan 4 weeks later. On May 21st Mum was told it was suspected Bone cancer, secondary caused by Breast, we were told with palliative care Mum could have months, possibly years if she responded well.
Mum was admitted to hospital on June 2nd she had rapidly deteriorated, an enlarged liver, blood clot and finally in the doctors words something catastrophic had happened and Mum died on June 7th. No time to talk or say goodbye as we wanted to. The only blessing is that Mum was unaware. Now I feel I need a purpose, something I can do to fill the hole, to stop others feeling as I do now.There are no words that can explain how daily life feels at the moment,
My mum was 57 years old and spent her life looking after others now I need to do my bit. I know lots of people have lost loved ones and quite frankly it sucks. Please help me to raise what I can. My brother has raised £1000 for Macmillan and I would love to match that for Breast Cancer. This disease claims too many women.
Thank you.

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Your Mother would be so proud of you!


26 October 2015

Iryna Rowlands


9 October 2015


From all the kind people at Thrupp School and Dance Stars Gloucester


9 October 2015


Well done, Jaimie!!! Hope this helps a little xxx


27 September 2015

Melanie Hall

Lovely lady xx


27 September 2015

Emma Berg

Jane was simply one of the nicest, genuine, down to earth person I had the pleasure of meeting. Xxx


16 September 2015

Emma Maycock

Good luck Jamie! Xxx


15 September 2015

Sarah Wisdom

well done Jaimie your mum would be very proud of you x


8 September 2015

dorothy wisdom