In memory of Helen Jones

1977 - 2017

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Helen was and is the love of my life. I love her so much its so hard to think she is no longer my co-pilot and right hand woman on this rollercoaster we call life. Helen was a real breath of fresh air she captivated everyone without knowing it. Helen was very beautiful both inside and out also without knowing it and her smile would light a room with ease. We met as youngsters at the same school. Helen and I were 14 and 15 years old, loves young dream. When I first saw her I knew even then that I must marry her. We stayed together falling in love from that point on and shared life mysteries, tears and laughter always together. Its hard to think of what you love about a person when you love absolutely everything but when i close my eyes I always see her smiling with her beautiful teeth and her wonderful dimples, she was so chilled nothing flustered her. One thing I have realised through all of this is how much I have learned from her, she made me the best person I could be. Helen was my hero and I realised this long before her courageous battle with breast cancer. She managed a full working life and a sometimes stressful career whilst juggling beautifully the role of a magnificent mum to two beautiful girls.
Helen was calm and patient, she had a very good sense of who she was, what she was capable of and how to get things done. She had a great sense of humour and a warm lovely laugh. Helen was very creative and her love was painting and drawing. She studied Art at University and breezed it. She loved her job in education where she was a Pastoral Support Manager at a local Primary School. Helen had many friends and a tight group of childhood friends who were dear to her. She met some fantastic friends through work and in her last job she probably met her best friends. All supported her fantastically through her illness.
Helen had a wonderful and supportive family. Her two sisters were so important to her and she loved them immeasurably. Together the three of them had a unbreakable bond.
Helen has left a wonderful legacy in her life and if you ask anyone who has ever met her they all remember her beautiful smile and beautiful nature. Most importantly she has two equally beautiful daughters who will continue her legacy and I am sure will grow up to be every bit as impressive as their Mummy. As our 9 year old daughter said mummy was Magnificient. I rest my case. XX

With brave wings she flies, I love you Helen to the Moon and Back X

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Hi 'H'
I love you and miss you. You would be so proud of our girls, they are you :) x


23 May 2020



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18 November 2019

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22 September 2019

Nicola Jones

Pretty Muddy 5k
Donations from the Breast Screening Unit at the Thomas Linacre Centre
In memory of my beautiful, brave and dearly missed sister Helen ♥️


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Philip McNaboe

Well done Nicola! Xx


1 September 2019

Louise Mayor

Good Luck Nicola in the Wigan 10k today 1/9/19 ❤️ Raising money for Breast Cancer Now in memory of our lovely Helen😇 we think about her everyday 😢❤️


1 September 2019

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Good luck Nic! x


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