DigDeepForDiggers - London Marathon 2017

Anna Singleton Event organiser

raising money for: Elizabeth Diggory's Fund in Memory


23 April 2017


In March 2007 we lost our aunt, Elizabeth Diggory, to her third case of breast cancer. Having retired from a life-time of working in education in July 2006, her diagnosis only came through in late October 2006, so she was sadly unable to enjoy the retirement she had worked so hard towards.

With no immediate children of her own, we took it upon ourselves, along with our sister Sarah to continue her memory through raising money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer (a favourite charity of hers). To date, our efforts have seen several Race for Life events completed and a joint effort on the Great North Run in 2009.

With 2017 being the 10th anniversary of Elizabth's death, we are determined to run the marathon and raise a huge amount to continue her fight against breast cancer.

That she spent her last 10 years as the High Mistress of St Paul’s Girls’ School in Hammersmith and was a well-known figure in the city, to the extent that she was awarded the Freedom of the City of London, only serves to make running the London Marathon 2017 for Breast Cancer Now an even more fitting tribute to this greatly missed lady.

We are grateful for your support in helping us to "Dig Deep for Diggers".

Anna Singleton Event organiser


From a friend who already donated £20, but intended to sponsor £1 per mile!


12 May 2017

Richard Diggory

You're a star. Xxx


9 May 2017

Laura, Matt & Will.


27 April 2017

Tony Bushell and Terry Baker

Well done - great achievement (I know you will have succeeded)


24 April 2017

Ann Parkin

AMAZING result lil' sis. We are very proud of you xxx


23 April 2017

Sarah, James, Lucy & William

Dollars raised from Sarah's Pink Tea Party


23 April 2017


Just amazing. Much love, Jo and Andy x x x


23 April 2017



23 April 2017

Shannon Ghramm-Smith


23 April 2017

Jeanne De Rousseau