In memory of Eileen Coombes

1924 - 2019

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This site is a tribute in the Loving Memory of Eileen Violet Coombes, who was born in London on January 5th, 1924. She was one of the eldest of her 5 siblings, who over the years have sadly passed away with the exception of the youngest sibling Jean who is very much still with us. She loved school and had a thirst for knowledge and books which continued into her adult life. During World War II she met and married Stan and had three children, Sylvia, Christine and Simon. Stan sadly died before his time and years later Eileen met Fred who she eventually married during the 1970's. Unfortunately, Fred eventually suffered from a stroke and died some years later. Eileen also lost her youngest daughter, Christine when she was in her 40's and most recently lost her oldest daughter, Sylvia just 2 months before she passed away.
Eileen will be greatly missed but will remain in our hearts forever.

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14 February 2020

Simon Maskell

Aunty Eileen was a special person. She was a very clever lady with a great sense of humour. She will be missed.


7 January 2020

Jane and Keith Cheetham

She will be sadly loved by all of her friends and Family. As her son in law, I will always be grateful for her support of my wife, our children and myself.


6 January 2020

Les Heath


In loving memory of our Nana/Great Nana who will be sorely missed. May you Rest In Peace but remain in our hearts forever.


6 January 2020