In memory of Catrina Catherine Smith

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My mum Catrina Catherine Smith was fighting cancer for 10 years. It started off as breast cancer then rapidly spread through her body. My mum was an amazing woman who never let her illness get her down even during her low points. She was the most inspirational person and had such a positive attitude towards it. Sadly on the 19th September 2014 she lost her battle to the horrible illness. Giving a small donation to this page will help people just like my mum and their families. All donations will be greatly appreciated.

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Catrina was one of a kind. She had an amazing sence of humour, personality and she is one woman many of us will never ever forget. Your doing a great thing Lauren and it's a privilege to help you raise money as it's for a good cause and your mum was a fantastic woman she always has been so proud of you. And rightly so ♡♡ xx


25 July 2015

Miss Claire Mary Joan Lannigan

With our love and constant prayers for a cure......God Bless You Catrina...I wish I had gotten to meet you.....Lauren she would be sooo proud of you...xoxo Thinking of you all today......Doug, Janet, Abbeth & Rhys.....Fort Worth Texas..( Carly's Mum )'


18 July 2015

Mrs Janet Lawrance




17 December 2014

Miss Moira Kerr

Always remember you Catrina xxx


17 December 2014

Miss Moira Kerr

Special memories of a very special and true friend . Loved my wee palX

17 November 2014

Noreen Marshall

In memory of a overly, kind person xxx


8 November 2014

Mrs Evelyn Pitches

In fond memory of a special person xx

8 November 2014

Evelyn, Stuart and family

What a woman Catrina was, loved her, a total inspiration! Hopefully one day this horrendous disease will be gone. Good on you Lauren. Xx


8 November 2014

Ms Pauline Dallas