In memory of Carolyn (Caz) Barnes

1968 - 2019

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This page is for all the family. Carolyn was mum to Tina, Nicolle and Kirsty; partner to Allan, daughter to Chris and Terry; sister to Julia and me. She had many roles and many friends, and her loss will leave a gap in many lives.
The three of us sisters are like chalk, cheese and whatever the third thing is. We didn't always get on; we didn't always have much in common. But sisters are sisters. Carolyn was sparky, gutsy, stubborn, tough at times. She was private about her illness, but fought it with guts and determination as you would expect. While ill she made hundreds of hats for Syrian refugees, earning her the nickname of the Mad Hatter - one that suited her well. We will all miss her in our own ways but for me she will live on as the Mad Hatter and I will get comfort from thinking of refugees wearing warm, colourful hats that she made. Helen

Helen Barham Fund holder



Lighting this candle with love for my mad bad sister, the Mad Hatter. You lived your life with guts and determination, right to the end, for which I totally admire you. We didn't always get on, or have common ground, but sisters are sisters. You gave me three lovely nieces, who I will cherish. We will all miss you, but we will not be miserable. Helen


12 January 2019