In memory of Alison Bennett

1963 - 2020

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To know Alison, was simply to love her. Her generosity and the warmth of her character was recognised by so many. To have known her was an honour and each person’s life that she touched has been made richer for her being in it.

Alison always put other people’s needs before her own and never once complained in the face of misfortune, sadness, or pain. She was a true role model to many: family and friends alike could look up to her, and still do. Despite years of ill health, Alison never put herself first and never grumbled about her situation – she really was an inspiration.
Alison was forever beautiful, in every way possible, but especially in her smile.

Alan Bennett Fund holder


Alison, my friend, I did this just for you, you wouldn't have liked it at all!

12 July 2022

Lisa Ballard

The celebration on Saturday was a wonderful way for friends and family to get together and pay our tributes to Alison. Thank you to everyone who helped organise it and thank you to Alison for suggesting we all party and boogie in your memory. We missed you being there on the dance floor xxxx


31 May 2022

Sue, Steve and Ed Ashton

We miss you so much ❤️


17 May 2021


A short month and the snow reduced my distance. Hopefully more in March. Only 74 miles.


1 March 2021

Gwen Taylor


17 February 2021

Louise Hollander


8 February 2021

Ruth Kaufmann Wolfe


8 February 2021



8 February 2021


Loved and never forgotten x


8 February 2021

Sam Williams